The worldwide wine specialty Cviček PTP embodies centuries of history and tradition. It is blended from the red and white varieties at home in the Dolenjska winegrowing district.

Cviček with a recognized traditional denomination (PTP) from the Krško Wine Cellar impresses with its gentle aroma of compelling quality. Our Cviček PTP blends the red varieties Žametna Črnina and Blaufränkisch, and the white Kraljevina, Welschriesling and Grüner Silvaner. The combination grants our Cviček its highly characteristic flavour recognized by numerous wine competition awards. It is a dry wine with low alcohol content, 10% abv at most, a great representative of the colourful landscape of Dolenjska. Light and fresh, smooth yet lively, Cviček PTP is just the wine for the modern lifestyle.

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  • Modra frankinja Classic, 1 l (Blaufränkisch)
  • Laški rizling Classic, 1 l (Welschriesling)
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CLASSIC 0,75 l

  • Modra frankinja, 0.75 l (Blaufränkisch)
  • Zeleni silvanec, 0.75 l (Grüner Silvaner)
  • Beli pinot, 0.75 l (Pinot Blanc)
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  • Modra frankinja Premium, 0.75 l (Blaufränkisch)
  • Zeleni silvanec Premium, 0.75 l (Grüner Silvaner)
  • Beli pinot Premium, 0.75 l (Pinot Blanc)
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  • Modra frankinja Prestige, 0.75 l (Blaufränkisch)
  • Modra frankinja Prestige Selection Gourmet, 0.75 l (Blaufränkisch)
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  • Laški rizling, izbor, 0.75 l, 0.5 l (Welschriesling, Auslese)
  • Sauvignon, izbor, 0.5 l (Sauvignon Blanc, Auslese)
  • Laški rizling, suhi jagodni izbor, 0.375 l (Welschriesling, Trockenbeerenauslese)
  • Sauvignon, suhi jagodni izbor, 0.375 l (Sauvignon Blanc, Trockenbeerenauslese)
  • Modra frankinja, suhi jagodni izbor, 0.375 l (Blaufränkisch, Trockenbeerenauslese)
  • Sauvignon Blanc, ice wine, 0.375 l
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Krško Wine Cellar

The Krško Wine Cellar resides in the Dolenjska winegrowing district, impressing since 1928 with quality and premium wines. We're part of the Krško Agricultural Cooperative, its biggest organization-production unit, building on a wealth of local tradition, decades of experience, closeness to the land and modern technology, all of which make us a standout producer of quality wines – as well as the leading brand of Cviček PTP.

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